EZYiD Tags For RFID Asset Tracking And Tagging

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EZYiD Tags   

IMPORTANT:Due to high-demand, some orders might be placed on backorder and processing time of up to two weeks could be expected. Once the order is dispatched standard shipping times apply! Please contact us at info@jgid.shop if you have questions prior to placing your order!

EZYiD Tags are robust and economical and have been specifically designed to be applied using EZYiD’s recommended adhesive to hard surfaces such as steel, aluminium or plastic. At only 6.2mm in diameter and under 2mm deep the tags are easily fitted to areas of your assets that will cause minimal operational interference.

EZYiD Client Flyer (EZYiD_A4_FLyer_CLIENT_3.pdf, 4,427 Kb) [Download]

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