EZYiD RFID UHF Reader For Asset Tracking And Tagging

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EZYID UHF READER: The versatility of a UHF reader      IMPORTANT:Due to high-demand, some orders might be placed on backorder and processing time of up to two weeks could be expected. Once the order is dispatched standard shipping times apply! Please contact us at info@jgid.shop if you have questions prior to placing your order!

EZYID UHF READER: The versatility of a UHF reader

 Empowering the EZYiD reader as a Human Interface Device (HID) enables versatility across all software platforms.

The EZYiD Reader/Writer is an RFID key fob capable of reading any EZYiD product and transmitting stored data with the push of a single button. This “plug and play”, easy-to-use device allows the reading and transmission of EZYiD tag data to any Bluetooth® enabled PC, Laptop or mobile device.



Using HID the reader is not constrained by any software, making it incredibly versatile and adaptable to your existing audit system if required.

EZYiD Reader/Writer is available in ETSI (Europe), FCC (USA) or AMCA (Australian) frequency configurations. 



1 function key for RFID read activation

Multitone beeper that signals 

RFID read and transmission to user device

 Operating System Compatibility: iOS, Android, RIM, Windows Mobile/Phone, Windows, OSX, Linux

 2 LED for device signalling

 Interfaces: USB and Bluetooth Class 2

 Battery: Li-Poly Battery 3.7Vdc 300mAh, rechargeable via USB, up to 10 000 readings with full charge.

 Power Supply: USB powered 5Vdc

 Working Temp: -20 degrees C / 70 degrees C

 Dimensions: Length 9.5 cm – Width 4.4 cm – Depth 1.8cm

 Weight: 30 gram

 Protection: IP54

EZYiD Client Flyer (EZYiD_A4_FLyer_CLIENT_3.pdf, 4,427 Kb) [Download]