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Essential entry point system to any height safety system. Made from marine grade aluminium the LadderLink is designed to support a ladder, stopping sideways movement and therefore holding the ladder in place safely. In addition the LadderLink bracket has two tie off points to aid in securing the ladder in position.

  • Made from marine grade aluminium.
  • To extend beyond box gutters and larger areas.
  • 980mm gutter to end, overall length 1115mm.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Essential entry point system to stabilise your ladder.
  • Australian Made.

SafetyLink’s Fixed LadderLink is a permanent bracket designed to stabilise your ladder. The Fixed LadderLink has securing points to tie off the ladder providing a safe access point, eliminating sideways movement. Easy to install, unobtrusive and Australian Made.

SafetyLink’s Fixed LadderLink has been manufactured from marine grade aluminium, this metal choice not only ensures a durable light weight product for installation, it also has the added advantage of being a compatible metal, with the LadderLink’s large surface area this is certainly an added advantage. SafetyLink have finished this product off with a protective membrane in the form of a powder coat finish, this ensures your product is ready for any additional colouring you would like to apply.

Product CodeProduct DescriptionQuantity
LADFX002Fixed LadderLink Extended1

POSITIONING OF SAFETYLINK ANCHOR POINTS (refer to appendix diagrams 2 and 3 of the Handbook)

The first must be in a position easily and safely reached by a secured ladder or a manhole access point.

1. Adjusting the pitch of the LadderLink is to be done by a sheet metal fabricators’ bending machine. LadderLink is made from high tensile aluminium therefore ensure the bender is set on a high radius to prevent cracking. Ladder should be only used for access. If it is intended to work from a ladder, the work should be light duty and short duration. 2.  One person is to be on the ladder at any one time (except in emergency situations). 3.  Three points of contact with the ladder should be maintained on the ladder at all times. 4.  When going up or down a ladder you should always face the ladder. 5.  Protective coating must not be removed.

INSTALLATION (LadderLink_Handbook.pdf, 1,520 Kb) [Download]

PRODUCT SHEET (LadderLink_Extended_Data_Sheet.pdf, 263 Kb) [Download]

FLYER (Fixed-LadderLink-Flyer.pdf, 3,282 Kb) [Download]

FLYER (SafetyLink-Catalogue-2019.pdf, 5,599 Kb) [Download]

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