All sellers can chose their own delivery methods, couriers and fulfilment timeframe.

Every sellers has their own shipping policy which can be reviewed under each seller’s profile.

Because Jgid.Shop is a multivendor platform it may be that you will be ordering from more than one supplier/seller and that goods will arrive in separate deliveries.

The seller or the courier (depending on their policies) hold the sole responsibility for the goods and the insurance of those while in transit.

Jgid.Shop take no liability or responsibility for the condition or timely delivery of good ordered through our portal Jgid.Shop or

For fast delivery we recommend using and for cheap overnight delivery within Australia we recommend to use

Please visit their websites for more details and delivery Terms & Conditions.

Each seller may or may not charge for handling and shipping at their sole discretion and are free to chose the courier service of their choice.

Jgid.Shop recommend that all sellers fulfil their orders as quickly as possible and within no less than 48 hours but understand that some products will require more time to source and dispatch.


Every seller may have their own returns policy.

These must be displayed under the returns policy section of their seller profile.

Jgid.Shop will liaise any communications between the buyer and the seller in the case purchased goods need to be returned but will not be held liable for any costs incurred.

Returns are to be handled by the seller in accordance to their returns policy.